BBQ Grill Smoker Cold Smoke Generator Salmon Fish Bacon Meat Smoker


BBQ Grill Smoker Cold Smoke Generator Salmon Fish Bacon Meat Smoker

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Infuse your food with classic aromas like hickory or applewood or with creative flavors like teas, spices or dried flowers.

The smoking gun quickly makes smoking with various types of wood chips. It takes only 3~5 minutes to add cold smoke flavor and aroma finish to food or drinks.

Compact infusion system makes it gentle enough to use on food without changing texture or temperature.

Used to meat, bacon, salmon, fish, cocktail and etc, cold smoker generator. To cook the exquisite food and make the romantic atmosphere.

Equiped with high quality acrylic cover, the cover designed with silicone “cross” opening. The acrylic cover is used to cocktail glass, to avoid the cold smoke dissipating.The diameter is 12 cm, fits for many wine glasses.

Upgraded version, widen cigarette mouth, sawdust container can store more wood chips, generate more cold smoke.

Package comes with a brush, for cleaning cigarette mouth.

Assemble or disassemble without tools. Easy clean by wipe or water, but dishwasher is not recommended.

Enlarge smoking gun base to increase the stability, and with a switch, easy to use.

2xAA Battery operated, portable for use anywhere( batteries are not included in the package).

How to use it

Step 1. Grab this food smoker;
Step 2. Add materials you want in cigarette mouth;
Step 3. Slide the switch to ON position;
Step 4. Light up the material;
Step 5. Smoke your food such as steak, cocktails, cheese, seafood etc.


1x Food Smoking Gun
1x Soft Pipe 30cm
1x Wood Chips
2x Filter Mesh
1x Flat Acrylic Cover
1x Brush
1x Screwdriver




Additional information

Brand Name






Model Number

EBW0805 Food Smoking Gun

Number of Pieces



Cooking Tool Sets

Product Type

Meat Smoker


Food Smoker


Cold Smoker Generator

Powered by

2x AA Batteries (not included)

Applications 1

Cold Smoke Generator for BBQ Grill

Applications 2

Professional Food Smoking Gun


Retail/ Dropshipping/ Wholesale


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