Philips Essential LED bulbs for cars


6000K Cold White
9005/HB39006/HB49012 (HIR2)H4H7H8 H11 H16
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Experience the unique feeling and enjoy the sample quality

Stylish LED lighting fixtures that are easy to install
6000 K bright white light
Suitable for most models
First-class heat dissipation
Philips technology for bright white light

Customize your car with Ultinon Essential LED headlights for a modern, high-end look. With a color temperature of 6000 K, these lights emit stylish white light. These LED bulbs feature a state-of-the-art thermal management system that delivers a consistently bright beam of light for your journey.

Thermal Cool thermal management for superior performance

Thermal management is a key factor affecting the performance of LED lamps. With a unique one-piece design, Philips Ultinon Essential LED headlights dissipate heat efficiently, so they always provide excellent brightness levels (even if they are very hot – unlike poor quality LEDs). In addition, they are durable, so you don’t have to change them often. The unique ThermalCool technology is tested not only in the laboratory (unlike many competitors) but also in real-world conditions. Be sure to provide high performance that you can use with confidence.

Excellent cooling material for efficient heat dissipation

Made of superior materials, the Ultinon Essential LED is highly resistant to heat damage. Many competitor products begin to emit weaker beams when the LED temperature gets higher because they use poor quality metal and inefficient heat dissipation. Ultinon Essential LED headlights include a heatsink, flexible copper braid and aluminum base for fast heat dissipation to give you a consistently powerful beam throughout your journey.

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